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Could 2015 Be The Year
That This All Changes For You?

You’ve tried numerous ways to lose those nagging extra lbs. and nothing seems to work.frustrated_on_scale

As you’ve gotten older losing the weight seems to get harder. Oh sure, you may have had a little success but in the end the weight you lost always comes back and with it there seem to be a few more lbs.

Your body is changing and with those changes other unwelcome guests are entering your life.

The 9 minute workout comes to you in a downloaded version on your computer for you to use in your own living room and this is what you will get with this FREE 9 Minute workout offer

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Why does your metabolism have to keep getting slower? The fact is that your metabolism has naturally started to slow down in your 20’s.

sb10061022ci-001Then when you get to your 30’s it slows down another 2-3%.

In your 40’s another 2-3%.

Who knows how much slower it’s going to be when you get into your 50’s and 60’s.

You don’t have to know the exact numbers but you know that it’s becoming harder and harder to melt fat away.

Year after year you see the same uninspired results and it becomes much easier to just say “That’s just the way it is. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

You find yourself telling yourself and your friends, “I’ve let myself go.”

This is real pain that you are experiencing here. It hurts to feel that you’ve tried to lose weight but gotten to the point where you feel helpless.

Along the way you’ve encountered some additional frustrations on your quest to do something about it.

You went to the gym for a while but that was hard too because you felt that you were a beginner and didn’t know what to do and if you did something you were afraid that it was the wrong thing to do and wouldn’t get you the results that you were looking for.

You were at the gym alone. It’s hard to take on this battle on your own. It’s always better to do it with a friend so that you can hold each other accountable.

You just didn’t want to look silly in front of people that you didn’t know.

But still…

You were looking for something.

You wanted to lose the extra weight that continues to creep onto your body every year and you know that you should do something to improve your fitness level and your energy level.

But what can you do???

Even at the height of your frustration there is an answer to losing weight and feeling great.

You can do this.

Here is the secret…

Here are the methods used and the results that you’ve been dreaming of and can get from the 9 Minute Core Exercise Training Program.

Combining the disciplines we use in this program ensures an elevated cardio respiratory effect while firing muscle neurons to enhance lean muscle mass growth and weight loss. This recipe also develops flexibility and coordination.

That’s a mouth full but don’t let it scare you.

Here’s the point…

The reason that this program works for women is that anyone of any size or fitness level can do this because it’s important that you go at your own pace. No need to keep up with anyone else and no need to feel awkward and out of place.


“I gave your 9 minute workout to my son for a Christmas present. When he opened it we both did the workout together along with you and he loved it. After the workout he said that he felt energized and was eager to do it again”
Flo Bishop- West Levina, California

This is important…

The most important thing for you to do is to believe that you can lose the weight, improve your strength and energy, and feel that you are finally in control of your body.

So here is the formula that you should try if you truly want to reach your healthy living goals.

Make a decision to get started.
Try The 9 Minute
Core Exercise Training Program

Simple, isn’t it. You have nothing to lose but the weight and the frustration that has continued to build up over time.

This might be the most important point.

As a woman you spend many of your waking hours doing things for other people. You help your family, you help people at your job, you seem to put everyone before yourself.

It’s nice of you to do that, but after a while it drains you of your energy. You know that you need to do something for yourself. You owe it to yourself to do something that makes you look and feel great.woman-with-scale

You can’t be at your best if you don’t take care of yourself.

Here’s your chance to make yourself feel your best and in the process give yourself more energy to be at your very best for others.

9 Minutes a day starts to develop a forward moving momentum that gives you a powerful belief that you can reach your healthy living goals.

Make some time for yourself and change your life.

Take the step.

You can do this. Let me can help.


Fred Nicklaus
Core Exercise Coach


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