Walking For Weight Loss Class in La Crosse, WI

How Many Times Have You Heard Someone Say
“You Can Walk Your Way to Better Health & Weight Loss?”

Women walking in parkIt sounds simple, and it can be, but you need to learn about the different ways to use this strategy to reach your Weight Loss Goals.

My name is Fred Nicklaus and you may already have seen some of my ads for my Martial Arts America School in La Crosse, WI or my Core Exercise Training program.

I’ve been helping women and men reach their healthy living goals for over 35 years.

The other day I had a thought…

I believe that there are many women who have a goal of losing weight but just don’t know what to do.

These same women might also be a bit fearful of starting a class and not knowing for sure if they can keep up.

This is your answer.

I’ve decided to start a FREE MONTH of Walking Training for any woman who wants to lose a few lbs and become leaner and fitter.

Here’s how it works…

Walking For Weight Loss
at the Central High School Track
At 6:50pm

This is not your regular go out for a walk routine.

These are some of the different walking routines that you will learn and be able to use anytime for yourself.

  • Pace Walking
  • Interval Walking
  • Hill Walking
  • Sprint Walking

And much more…

Women_Walking_Lacrosse_Weight_Loss_2You’ll also discover the benefit of walking with a group of motivated people who want to reach the same goals that you do. It’s always easier with a friend.

Don’t worry, like everything I do you do what you can and don’t have to worry about keeping up with anyone else.

The most important thing is that you decide to do something to get you on the road to looking and feeling great.

Let me help…

I’m going to ask you to register your full name so that I have some idea as to who and how many people to expect for this class. If for some reason you can’t make it on the 30th for the first class don’t worry, you can come on Wednesday the April 1st too.

Class will be held every Monday & Wednesday at 6:50pm at the Central High School Track

…unless I inform you of a change of location.

This walking routine will work for you. I promise to make it fun and beneficial.

Remember to register your name and then show up for the first class next Monday or Wednesday.

This is FREE!

Let me help you reach your fitness goals.

Fred Nicklaus
Core Exercise Coach

P.S. If you have questions call me at 608-792-4006

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