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You’ll be surprised at how 9 minutes per day can make a huge difference in your fitness, strength, and energy levels.

Directions for Downloading:

Click on the lnks below and you will be taken to the page to watch or download the bonus videos. When you get there, simply right click on the download link as choose “Save Target As” to save to your desktop.

Here’s one more thing…

If you live in the La Crosse area.

After you’ve tried the 9 minute workout for a while and gotten some of the results that you’re looking for.

Consider trying my local Core Exercise Training program. This will put you in a room with myself, my other instructors, and a group of motivated adults who are seeking some of the same benefits you are.

I want to give you a FREE month of my class so that you can see what taking the next step can do for you.

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Fred Nicklaus

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