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“Make This Year The Year That You
Look And Feel Your Best”

Stop feeling Fat, Tired, Lazy, and Frustrated
And start feeling BOLD, STRONG, FIT, & CONFIDENT

tired_man_21226_1_1_8919Daily life challenges us. Things start to pile up and there’s always something that keeps us away from doing the things that we know we should do to make ourselves feel better.

You’re so busy taking care of the things that you need to do for everyone else that the things that you need to do for yourself to feel good and stay sharp start to take a back seat.


Here’s something else…

It seems that once you hit the 30 year mark your body starts to change and many of those changes are not for the good.

  • You have to put a few more holes in your belt because it seems that your belly gets a bit fuller each year
  • You seem to get tired a little easier. Some of that spring in your step isn’t there like it used to be
  • In general, your get up and go has gotten up and gone

If you’ve been trying to maintain some of that youthful zest that you once had you’re simply finding that it’s a lot harder.

It seems that you have to work twice as hard and the results you’re getting are uninspired.

Soon you start believing.

“That’s just the way it is”
and you throw your arms up and tell yourself and others
“I’ve let myself go.”


Giving up is not the option you want to choose. It’s not the option that you have to choose.

You Deserve Better!

If you’re at the point where you know you need something to recharge your battery but you’re just not sure what it is and who you should turn to.

Listen up.

Since 2006 I’ve sold my own exercise programs on the Internet. It’s been a great way for me to reach people that I can not reach in my local Core Exercise classes and to help more people than I ever thought possible.

I created my best selling Internet product because people told me that they didn’t have time and they didn’t know where to start when it came to finding an exercise routine that would work for them.

That product is
The 9 Minute Core Exercise Training Program.



It’s short and sweet but it gets you on the path to looking and feeling the way you want.

man-with-gym-towelIt can work for you.

I’ve made a decision and I’d like to help you.

I want to give you this best selling program for FREE.

Use it and see what it can do for you and after you see that it can do what I say it can then be sure to give your friends the link to this site so they can register and get their very own 9 Minute Workout.

This short but effective workout has given men just like you hope that there is something they can do to regain their health, lose those unwanted inches, restore their energy levels, and get on the track to looking and feeling their best.

The 9 minute workout comes to you in a downloaded version on your computer for you to use in your own living room and this is what you will get with this FREE 9 Minute workout offer

9 Minute Workout Video Download
9 Minute Workout eBook
9 Minute Workout List
9 Minute Workout Audio Workout
Bonus Video: Secrets of the 9 Minute Workout


If your goal is to:

  • Become Lean and Fit
  • Become physically stronger and mentally tougher
  • Become more confident to tackle any challenge that presents itself
  • And even have others brag about how good you’re looking

Then, pay very close attention.

Listen here to what some of our guys are saying about their 9 Minute Workout experience.



Men of all sizes and fitness levels have benefited from this program and there’s every reason to believe that you could too.

Everything starts with you believing that you can do something that would energize your body and your life.

Decide to get started Today.



Take advantage of your FREE copy of my best selling 9 Minute Core Exercise Program.

Remember this…

There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to achieve your healthy living goals. This is something that you can and should do for yourself.


It’s your choice. You can be at your very best by making this simple decision to give the 9 Minute Workout a try.

This is your chance to feel great and be at your very best mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It’s important. You deserve it.

This 9 Minute training program will give you a healthy start in reaching your most important healthy living goals and will also help you develop a powerful momentum that will help you believe that you can indeed reach your goals and will also help you see and feel some outstanding results quickly.

Decide today.

You deserve to be at your best.

Get Your Copy of the 9 Minute Workout Today.


Fred Nicklaus
Core Exercise Coach

P.S. Don’t be fooled that this program will only take you 9 Minutes. It’s the closest thing you will experience to lightning in a bottle. Get yours today.


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