IMPORTANT…Be Honest With Yourself

Many people flat out lie to themselves when it comes to weight loss and their health. Some of those lies might appear to be little but they’re lies anyway.

Here are a few examples…

I know that I should lose ten lbs but it’s not that big of a deal.Health_decisions

“I’ll start to exercise tomorrow.”

“I’m not overweight, I’m just stocky.”

“I don’t have enough time to exercise.”

You get the idea. So what’s the secret if you want to reach your goals of losing a few lbs and feeling good about your health and your weight?

The trick to reaching any goal is to be able to

Master Yourself Success

Mastering yourself starts with being truthful. No more B.S. reasons for not doing the thing that you know you should be doing.

Are any of these things thoughts that you’ve had about yourself:

  • I hate my image in the mirror
  • I want to be healthier and I hate the fact that I never get myself to do anything about it
  • I hate the fact that I don’t believe that I can be successful when it comes to losing weight

People can be very harsh with themselves.woman_Exercise

You Can Do This

The fact is. You can lose the lbs. that you are wanting to lose. You can feel very comfortable walking in front of your mirror. You can get yourself to do what you need to do to feel healthier and stronger.

Here an important fact for you to consider.

It’s very difficult to love yourself fully if you don’t love your body.

When you take steps to become healthier you set in motion a very powerful momentum that gets you believing in yourself and your ability to make things happen.

Momentum grows on itself and becomes a force to be dealt with much like the small snowball that you start rolling down a hill. That small snowball soon becomes something that no one should stand in the way of.

Acknowledge Your Discomfort

But first, you have to get disturbed. You have to feel the pain that you’ve been feeling about not doing anything to lose weight or to get healthier and while you feel that pain decide to do something about it.

In addition to giving yourself a powerful momentum you will also grow your self-esteem and your pride.

Every great journey begins with a first step.


Are you feeling enough pain to take that first step?

Fred Nicklaus
Core Exercise Coach

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