Give Yourself Direction to Your Fitness Goals

It’s frustrating to get started and not finish. It’s not your fault and everyone gives up at some time.

But what if you could find a way to get started, keep working towards your goals, and finally reach them.

This is important…

Seeing your goals through to the end makes you see yourself differently. It makes you believe in yourself. It makes you feel that there is nothing that you can’t do. It makes you look for the next bigger and better thing.

So what’s the secret?

There are two.

The first is to get involved with a group of people who have like- minded goals. These people will support you by being there working next to you and they will hold you accountable. We all fall off at times and it’s important to have someone help us stay the course.

The other secret is to find a mentor.

Find someone who knows more about what you want to do then you do and then listen to what that person wants to help you with.

There are many excuses. I don’t have the time. It’s too hard. I’m not sure if this is what I really want.

When it comes down to it all of the excuses we make are just a load of bull.

How badly do you want something? Make a decision. Do the work and stick to it.

Nothing worth having comes easy but things that make us work just a bit harder than we think we can leave a lasting positive impression on our minds and our beliefs in ourselves.

Choose a goal and stick to it.

Fred Nicklaus
Core Exercise Coach
La Crosse, WI

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