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FREE Is Junk

How many times have you been offered something for FREE? You decided to take advantage of the offer and it turned out that it was a waste of your time.

Bad offers give FREE a bad name.

You’re about to experience a F-R-E-E Offer that can change your life. I know, that’s a mighty big claim, but I have every confidence in the fact that I can deliver.

hip-xrayLet me share a few reasons why.

In 2005 I went through the first of my 2 total hip replacement operations. Needless to say I was concerned. I wasn’t so much worried about whether or not the operation would be a success. After all I trusted my physician 100% and I knew he was one of the best.

It was more about what could I do to continue with my active life style.

As luck would have it a good friend of mine gave me his

Core Exercise Program

This friend so happened to by a high ranking Special Forces officer who had created the program for his 11 very fit soldiers (Not to worry. Even though this program was created for very fit gung ho soldiers I’ve found that anyone of any size and fitness level can benefit from this program).

I started using it and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. After using the program for a very short time I felt my strength, endurance, and overall fitness returning to levels that I was very happy with.

It got me to thinking.

I believe that I can offer this to other people and help them reach their fitness goals.


I ran into some concerns.

Many of the people I talked to about starting an exercise program said that they hadn’t done it because they didn’t have the time and they didn’t know what to do.

So that’s when I decided to create a shorter version of the Core Exercise Training workout. This short version has become my best selling product on the Internet and I’d like to give it to you FREE.

The 9 minute workout comes to you in a downloaded version on your computer for you to use in your own living room and this is what you will get with this FREE 9 Minute workout offer

9 Minute Workout Video Download
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9 Minute Workout Audio Workout
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The 9 Minute Core Exercise Training Workout is a short but very effective program that has helped an increasingly large herd of people lose weight, improve stamina, increase energy, feel fitter and firmer, and feel great about the results that they are getting.

There is no better way to convince someone that something could be good for them then to let them take a test run.

FREE is not junk at all but can very well become the best offer that a person can find if they find the right FREE offer.

So here you are.

You’ve taken the first step and gotten yourself your FREE copy of the 9 Minute Core Exercise Training best selling workout.


I want to encourage you to take the all- important second step,


Let’s make this happen.

This is an offer that can change your life and you’ll be very happy that you took me up on my FREE gift to you.

Good luck.

Fred Nicklaus
Core Exercise Coach

Read What Satisfied Customers Are Saying
About the 9 Minute Workout

“My sides have definition again, my thighs are HARD, my arms are DEFINED, and this is after a very short time. The most important thing though is that my CORE is so so much stronger”
Sherry Turner La Crosse, Wisconsin

“Fred’s 9 Minute Workout gives me an energy boosting, effective, and efficient workout, and I can do it just about anytime and any where. My living room can become a core busting, heart pumping, functional strength building exercise facility with no equipment required”
Tim Kauppinen- Author- Uphill Fitness Training- Marshall, Wisconsin

“I did not think that 9 minutes could be so beneficial. I could not believe that after many years of working out 5 to 7 days a week for up to an hour each day that this workout was so challenging”
Steven Shorrock Lillian, Texas

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