76 Year Old La Crosse Woman Discovers Fountain Of Youth & So Can You If You’re Over 40

If You’re Over 40 and Want To Be More Active And Spend More Quality Time With your Kids or Grandkids, Then This is For You Six years ago Lois Wendorf knew that she needed to do something to improve her overall health and strength. She tired easily and her energy and strength were failing. As […]

Give Yourself Direction to Your Fitness Goals

It’s frustrating to get started and not finish. It’s not your fault and everyone gives up at some time. But what if you could find a way to get started, keep working towards your goals, and finally reach them. This is important… Seeing your goals through to the end makes you see yourself differently. It […]

“I want to be healthy”

I’ve enjoyed reading the answers and better understanding what drives people. As I read I see more and more people saying that they want to take better care of their health so that they can be around for their families and play with their children and grandchildren, not develop diabetes, and take control of their […]

Health Tips for Fitness Classes in La Crosse, WI

What can you do to improve your health? Would you like to have more energy, lose weight, be stronger, have your clothes fit looser. It’s different for everyone. Strong Body/Strong Mind is something we can all shoot for and it’s important to remember that they are very intimately connected Here are a few musts that […]

More Benefits of Walking for Exercises – La Crosse, WI

Today I’m going to talk about Pace and Time. As we get older our bodies slow down naturally. When they do it’s important that we help them speed up a bit. Interval Walking is a great way to change your Pace and get your heart rate and breathing rate ramped up. Both are essential to […]

Walking Strategies To Help Your Health In La Crosse, WI

Thanks for making the decision to use walking as an important part of your healthy life style. During this class I will continue to offer you little tid bits of information about walking, health, nutrition,and mindset to make sure that you stay on track and reach your goals. Let’s get started… Know what you want- […]

Let’s Speed Up Your Heart

The last two videos that I’ve sent you were a bit slower and gave you a chance to dip your toes in the water to see how you did. Let’s speed things up a bit. As with all of the routines that I send you be sure to do what you can do. Don’t try […]

More Exercise For You

Here you go. There’s more for you. Word of caution… The worst thing you can do with these videos is NOTHING. Oh sure it feels good to watch them and get some ideas but ideas aren’t worth a darn unless you put them into action. If put into action these short videos will certainly give […]

A Simple Movement Solution

  This is the first of many videos that I will be sending over the next few months. I hope that all is well with you and you are ready to move into spring with some exciting movement that will create energy for you. Today I’ve given you a short video that gets you moving […]

Quick Workout Routine for Men & Women in La Crosse, WI

Goal Setting Workshop Handout This past Saturday I had a chance to spend some time with some of our martial arts students. It was a goal setting workshop and during that time I mentioned the importance of Strong Body/Strong Mind. I made the point that our bodies and minds are not separate but that they […]

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