More Benefits of Walking for Exercises – La Crosse, WI

Today I’m going to talk about Pace and Time. As we get older our bodies slow down naturally. When they do it’s important that we help them speed up a bit. Interval Walking is a great way to change your Pace and get your heart rate and breathing rate ramped up. Both are essential to […]

Walking Strategies To Help Your Health In La Crosse, WI

Thanks for making the decision to use walking as an important part of your healthy life style. During this class I will continue to offer you little tid bits of information about walking, health, nutrition,and mindset to make sure that you stay on track and reach your goals. Let’s get started… Know what you want- […]

Quick Workout Routine for Men & Women in La Crosse, WI

Goal Setting Workshop Handout This past Saturday I had a chance to spend some time with some of our martial arts students. It was a goal setting workshop and during that time I mentioned the importance of Strong Body/Strong Mind. I made the point that our bodies and minds are not separate but that they […]

I Apologize

On Monday I sent you an email encouraging you to start your FREE Month of Core Exercise Training. Yesterday I received an email from someone who was unhappy about the email. The person said that I was being pushy and also that it was not up to me to push people to decide to start […]

9 Minute Assistance

Yep, This Actually Works

Will, a short while ago you took a very important step and registered for your FREE Month of Core Exercise Training. I believe that you did this for a few reasons: You were serious about becoming Stronger, Healthier, and Fitter and making some positive changes in your life You’re Stuck- You’re frustrated with how you […]

2013 September Referral Contest

September Bring A Friend Contest Earn $$$ And Become Eligible for 1 of 4 $100 Grand Prizes by getting your friends to join you in class.

Focus with Exercise Classes in La Crosse, WI

Focus with Exercise Classes in La Crosse, WI. Focusing on your exercises in your exercise classes will help you keep the fitness results you want. Even after a hard day full of distractions, you’ll get better results from focused work versus half-hearted action. Here’s to your success! Fred Nicklaus

Strength Training for Men & Women in La Crosse, WI

Strength Training for Men & Women in La Crosse, WI. Strength training is a great way to help combat osteoporosis. Strength training is great for helping to improve your overall fitness level, and you don’t need weights to do it. Good Luck, Fred Nicklaus

Mindset When Starting Fitness Classes in La Crosse, Wi

People worry about the body part when starting fitness classes when, really, the mindset is a crucial part when starting a fitness class. For more info on exercise classes, visit our website at Go Get ‘Em, Fred Nicklaus

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